Hessmer man cuts trees, blocks access on WMA

SpringBayouWMA_trees_cut I don’t normally take to writing articles on a personal note on this site but this one really gets to me. Public access is something I take personally. It’s mostly due to land owners blocking access to bayous and this falls right into that same category of people that, in my book, should hang over a pit of snakes by a rope with acid dripping on it.

This jack wad actually thought it was OK to cut down trees on Spring Bayou Wildlife Management Area. Now… If the cutting of the trees wasn’t bad enough, this jackass cut them down to block public access. More on public access nightmares can be found by clicking here.

Keith Savoy was found guilty of illegally cutting more than 100 trees on the wildlife management area in December, 2014. Judge William Bennett sentenced Keith Savoy, 49, to serve two years in jail suspended, to pay $15,000 in civil restitution to the LDWF, to pay a $2,500 fine, $750 for the cost of prosecution and $400 in court costs. Besides the fines, Savoy was given five years of probation, during which time he will not be allowed on any WMA or to possess a recreational hunting or fishing license.

Not enough in my book. Mr. Savoy, you are truly a jackass and do not represent what us sportsmen in Louisiana are about. We fight everyday for what you have taken into your hands to prevent, public access. Whiskey in my coke or not, I’m pissed!

Yours truly,

Bayou State Fishing.


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