Louisiana Sportsmens Coalition, a fight for access

dump7b Anyone who fishes the waters of Louisiana should know about the fight going on between land owners and sportsmen across the state. If you haven’t heard about it, you haven’t been out on the water enough. As a true sportsman of the sportsman’s paradise, I learned long ago that we are losing rights to water access way too often.

Long ago, one could access just about any bayou by means of boat, at any time. Over the past 20 years or so, that has been rapidly changing. Land owners have been allowed to block off canals solely due to the fact they own the land on both sides. Whether or not they want to admit it, it has been purely due to the fact of loop holes in the laws and political leaders having their hands in the back pockets of said land owners.

All across Louisiana, sportsmen have dealt with this nightmare daily. Sportsmen in Louisiana are losing rights to fish many valued areas due to landowners placing fences across canals. One might fish a bayou on any given weekend only to find it gated by the next weekend. We covered this story on a page posted on this site years ago. You can see more info by clicking here.

Just recently, a coalition has been formed to help sportsmen across Louisiana fight this issue. As a sportsman of Louisiana, I have no other option than to support the Louisiana Sportsmens Coalition. It is something that I have openly complained about from the beginning, since my first online appearance. They also have a website that can be found by clicking here.

As we have asked from the beginning, if you have photos of a bayou that has been gated, feel free to send them to us with a description of the loation. We will post them on the site.

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