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Below is some information on my local area as well as some FAQ’s. Have a question that’s not covered here? I invite you to post a question on this sites forum.

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Rods & Reels

abu5000cWhen fishing most of our local waters of southeast Louisiana, I prefer a bait-casting reel (Abu-Garcia) mounted to a rod.

I favor Abu Garcia reels because of their dependability. I have been fishing with them for many years. My first bait-caster was an old (1975 approx.) 5000-C that was passed down from grand-pa in 1994 and I still use it today. This is a reel that just won’t quit!

falcon rodsFor my rod, I like to go with a Medium-Heavy action rod. Preferably by Falcon. Although it may vary with each angler, I find a Medium-Heavy action rod helps to ensure that hook set when the time comes. Falcon rods are quite durable compared to others that I have used. Some of my Falcon rods are still in use after over 10 years.

All-though Double D gives me a hard time about some of my so-called fancy tackle I do, on occasion, use the old reliable closed face reel in certain conditions.

Fishing Line.

maxfishingThis one is simple to me. MAXIMA… To be honest, I had never heard of it until the 1998 Bass master Tour came to Bayou Segnette State Park. Byron Velvick handed me a 3300-yard spool of this stuff. I have to say, this is one tough line.


This is one topic that I find many anglers would have many different opinions. Myself, I believe lure selection depends on the time of year and condition of the weather and the water that you are fishing. Don’t get me wrong, Ill still use just about every type of lure that I have at any given time of the year. If they aren’t hitting one or the other, why not try  ’em all. I often fish with Culprit Tequila Shad plastic worms. Other times I go with the Little-Cleo. I will sometimes throw on a blue-and-white mini jig for Sac-a-Lait.

The good ole live shiner is also one that is good for Bass and Sac-a-Lait in the fresh water marshes around here.

The one bait I guess I couldn’t leave out is the only bait that Double D would endorse. This would be the ole reliable live Night Crawler, which happens to be the only bait allowed at the annual Deffner Perch Harvest, which is the annual event in which us local friends get together at Da’  Camp and try to out fish each other. Nah, Its really just a time to have fun, relax, party, and all that good ole stuff.

I recommend these items, not because they pay me, but because I use and like them. Having said that, I wouldn’t turn down a little lagniappe if they sent it my way.


Areas to fish

There are many areas to fish around the area that I live. After all, we are in the Sportsman’s Paradise. Below is a small list of areas of the Bayou Segnette area in Westwego.

The old Westwego Dump and Airport. Map

I say old because the dump and the airport were closed many years ago. These canals are also known as “Segnette Oilfield Canals”

From the Bayou Segnette State Park boat ramp you can take about a 2-mile boat ride south of the Lapalco Blvd. bridge to the first canal on your left. At the end of this canal take a left and you will be led towards the dump and airport canals. A map of gated canal locations can be found by clicking HERE.


Although some canals aren’t accessible to the public anymore, there are many canals in this area that you can find a wide variety of fish.


Yankee Pond.

Beware!!! For sportsmen that aren’t familiar with this area, don’t go spraying a rooster cone thru Yankee Pond. It’s a shallow pond with stumps, and may end up costing you a lower unit when all is done.


Tarpaper Canal area. Map

A few miles further south down Bayou Segnette you can find Tarpaper Canal.

This area also has many canals that you can explore in search for fish. The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park borders this area, so when you get deep into these canals, be on the look out for signs prohibiting motorized boats in some of these canals.

These are just a few areas. Southeast Louisiana has a lot more to offer. There is also the Lafitte area just south of us. In Lafitte, you will find very productive areas such as, Texaco Canals and Little Lake as well as so many other great fishing hot spots. Down in coastal Louisiana you can find the town Grand Isle, La. Here you can find camps for rent and more. The list could go on and on and not name all the areas. All that can be said is, come explore the area.

For a list of locations to fish from land, check out this list.

Did you know?

The original Louisiana state and world record Sac-a-Lait

was caught right here in Westwego, Louisiana

November 28, 1969 by a young girl.

Although it is under the old records before

they separated Black and White Crappie,

the fish could not be identified as either

and no longer holds the record.

The fish was caught by Lettie Robertson just

off of Bayou Segnette and weighed 6 pounds.


Just a few questions that I receive in emails about my local area or from visitors reading something on the site.


Where is Bayou Segnette?

The Bayou Segnette water way was authorized by Legislation in 1954. It was completed by the USCOG in June 1957. Bayou Segnette is located about 10 miles west of New Orleans, Louisiana. The bayou runs an approximate length of 12 miles, from Westwego, La down to Lafitte, La. The bayou is loaded with areas to fish all along the way.


How do I contact Bayou Segnette State Park?

The park can be reached at 504-736-7140 or 888-677-2296 toll free.


Where can I launch a boat?

Our area offers a number of launch sites. A list of most launch sites is available by clicking here.


What is the Perch Harvest?

The Perch Harvest is an annual gathering that is put together by a friend of mine. We spend a week on the waters surrounding the Deffner Fishing Camp (AKA Da’ Camp) fishing, eating, playing cards, drinking, and just plain screwing off in general.


Who is Double D?

Double D is a friend of mine. He gets the name from the initials in his name. He is also the brother of the Harvest Czar.


Who is the Harvest Czar?

The founder of the Perch Harvest. Also, the owner of Da’ Camp.


What’s going on with the cabins at Bayou Segnette State Park?

The cabins are now complete and open for reservations. Information can be found by clicking here.



If you are in search of more info, I invite you to post a question on this sites forum. Either myself or one of the members will attempt to provide the information or lead you in the right direction.


Happy fishing,


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