December 2014 Forecast


November proved to be a fantastic month for fishing. The main reason for the fantastic fishing are the cold fronts. With each cold front the water cools and the trout and redfish stack up in deep holes.

December is well known for its cold fronts and the key to fishing in December is to fish inside the marsh, where there are deep bayous and dead end canals. Deep water is always relative in Louisiana. I like to find areas where there are flats 2-3 feet deep and then there are holes of 6 feet deep near the flats. The trout will retreat to the deeper water early and work toward the shallow water flats, as the water temperatures warm up.

Currently the water temperature is 60 degrees which is a great number. Once the water temperatures dip under 53 the trout bite tends to fade but the redfish bite becomes phenomenal. The reds will leave the shallow ponds and stack up in those same deep holes the trout are in. The difference is that reds are more resilient to the cold water and will feed while the trout will sit there and shiver. Tight lined Matrix Shad in Green Hornet and Shrimp Creole on a 1/4 oz. Golden Eye jig head reeled very slow is the ticket for the trout and the reds.

If you find the bite slow, try a cork just to see if the fish want the bait to stay in the strike zone a little longer. Another go to bait we go to toward the end of December, as the primary diet of the trout and reds turn to mullet are the Blueback and Bunker Tsunamis swimbaits.

Capt. Travis Miller
Millertime Fishing Charters

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