Dularge/Cocodrie August 2014 Forecast


HOT is the best word to describe August.

We know it and the trout know it. It’s definitely the time of year you want to get out early. The bite is best in the morning but if you insist on fishing all day work deeper as the day goes on. An extra 2-5ft of water brings just a little bit of cooler water and can be the difference of going home empty handed or with a full ice chest.

The trout are very lethargic in August due to the heat so it’s good to work your baits slow. Avocado Matrix Shad and the new Purple Haze Vortex Shad on a double rig is the ticket. It’s also a good idea to bring some croakers with you.

The Tracy Macy is located out in Callou Boca which can be a pain since it’s out of the way but if those trout want the live stuff you’ll be happy you grabbed some. Night fishing is also an alternative to beat the heat in August but I’d recommend going with someone who has done it before just to learn the technique and most important the safety aspect of night fishing.

The bigger reds are working into the deeper bayous in which cracked crab on a 1oz Carolina rig is what you should throw at them but you can still find plenty of reds up in the grass of the duck ponds off of Bayou Sevuer, North Mechant, and Lost Lake. Gold spoons are the easiest lure to throw since they are semi-weedless.

Capt. Travis Miller
Millertime Fishing Charters


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