Dularge/Cocodrie July 2014 forecast


June was definitely a windy month but the speckled trout are exactly where they are supposed to be and that’s offshore. Now if we can just get a weather pattern that allows us to chase them. In my circle of guide friends we are hoping July will be a traditional June since the fishing has been about a month late. Summertime fishing is about as easy as it gets in Dularge. You can fish Coon Island or all the oil rigs to the west. On a normal year by mid July the trout turn on to live croakers. The Tracie Macy bait boat comes and docks in Callou Boca so we can buy all the live shrimp or croakers we want. Up to late June we are still catching our trout on double rigged plastics fished dead slow on the bottom. When the water is clean fish a Matrix Shad Shrimp Creole. When the water is cloudy or stained the Matrix Shad in Tiger Bait and Avocado works the best. If reds are what you are looking for head into the marsh. There is a ton of grass in the duck ponds which makes them hard to fish. Target areas near the ponds that have defined grass lines. Fish the grass lines with Tiger Bait or Green Hornet Matrix Shad on a gold spinner. If you’re not getting any takers then go with the bait shrimp under a cork. Lastly, if you want to battle big fish the bull reds and bull drum are in most of the passes that have water depths of at least 15-20ft. Throw cracked crab on a 5/0 Kahle with a 2oz. sliding sinker and hold on.

Capt. Travis Miller
Millertime Fishing Charters


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