Dularge/Cocodrie September 2014 Forecast

TravisMillerSeptember is one of those dreaded months for speckled trout fishermen but it is hailed to be many anglers’ favorite redfish month.

September kicks off the trout transition from offshore to the inland lakes which leads many anglers to search out for a more consistent bite which is redfish.

The trout are on the move and are here one day and gone the next. A good strategy is to start at the coast and work your way north and never stay in a spot if you’re not catching. A poppin cork with a Shrimp Creole Matrix Shad tied to the end of it is the ticket when working points and reefs. Be on the look out for birds diving on shrimp. Many of those fish are undersized but if you’re patient you can weed thru them for some keepers. I like the double rigs with your favorite Matrix or Vortex Shad for under the birds.

For the redfish lovers September is as good as it gets. The reds stack up in deep winding bayous trying to cool down. Cracked crab on a 1oz. Carolina rig with a 4/0 kahle hook is all you need. Look for bayous that are 15-30ft in depth and try to target those areas an hour before and after tidal switches.

Capt. Travis Miller
Millertime Fishing Charters

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