January 2015 Forecast


December has ended and many Dularge fishermen are scratching their heads. With the warmer temperatures and high waters the trout haven’t been in their traditional winter pattern. Trout have been caught from the coast all the way to Decade.

January looks to be more traditional with some Arctic temperatures on its way. If all goes as a normal, January anglers will be doing more red fishing than speckled trout fishing. As water temperatures get into the 40’s the trout bite shuts completely down but the reds stack up in deep water holes. The key to success is to work your bait extremely slow and don’t expect a hit. The bite will feel more like you have a wet rag on your hook. It is also a good idea to switch to braided line if you don’t already use it. I find Fins Windtamer in 30lbs test works the best.

As water temperatures rise to 50 degrees you have opportunities to load up on reds and trout during the same trip. Many times I find them within a hundred yards of each other. Two baits that are the most effective are the Green Hornet Matrix Shad and the Blazin Hornet Vortex Shad on a 1/4oz. If you find a lack of action downsize your bait to a 3 inch bunker tsunamis.

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Get ready for the cold!  The mild temperatures we felt in December kept our fish cozy in their normal fall patterns. That’s going to change this month as temperatures start to fall, and the trout and reds dive into deep holes to stay warm.


The redfish have been pushed way back into the shallow ponds the entire fall.  That’s going to change when the water levels drop by a foot with the stronger fronts coming up.  Reds will look for deeper holes and dead end canals that are holding bait.  Typically, these holes have little water movement and tend to stay a bit warmer than the surrounding area.  When they’re in this pattern, our lure will have to be retrieved DEAD SLOW, barely moving.  Most of the time, dead shrimp on the bottom will do the trick although soft plastics may entice a few bites if they’re dragged right in front of a redfish’s nose.

Speckled Trout

After a very successful fall run of trout, things are going to get a little more difficult for us.  The trout will leave the grassy flats and look towards deeper canals and bayous.  Save your popping corks for all but the warmest days, as most of the fishing now will be tightlined on the bottom.  I like to use 3/8 or 1/2 oz jigheads this time of year to make sure I can feel contact with the bottom and keep my bait in the strike zone.  Slow drags across the bottom work well, but some days the trout may want a little twitch in the retrieve.  Whatever you do, make sure you SLOW DOWN.

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