June 2014 Forecast

June 2014


It’s summertime!

RobichauxDecemberTroutIt seems that our fish in Lafitte were waiting for Memorial Day before they got their act together. Clean water, light winds and good tides have made for some great fishing to start the month of June.

The redfishing is still really good. The marsh around Lafitte is full of small pogies and shrimp (finally). Gold spoons are being attacked with extreme prejudice, so much so that the bait shrimp bite has been a distant second choice on most days. This month, with warming water temps, you should see reds starting to school up in the bigger lakes and bays. Work the shorelines and look for deep wakes from redfish on the surface.

The speckled trout fishing has finally gotten where it’s supposed to be. All the outside reefs and islands around Barataria Bay are holding good numbers of trout. Bigger trout are being caught on days with at least 1ft of tide movement. On the weaker tides, small trout are invading the same areas and your catch to keeper ratio will plummet. There are big schools of pogies in the bay and the majority of the bigger trout have them in their bellies. Lately, we’ve been using a Mad Mullet in the ice color with a chartreuse tail, worked like a swimbait for the bigger fish. It imitates a small pogie very well. We’re also using Ghost Minnows 2ft under an H&H TKO cork when the school trout are thick. This pattern should last well into July before the weather turns blistering hot and the bigger trout move offshore.

Capt Lane Zimmer

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TravisMillerThe summer pattern is in full force as we move into June. Days are getting longer which brings the water temperatures up and as an angler you need to make sure you’re getting out early to avoid the heat.

The speckled trout are primarily offshore around the beaches and local oil rigs and wellheads seeking the higher salinity to lay their eggs. Cocodrie fishing has been more consistent than Dularge lately but I predicted Dularge will get its act together in June.

Bait shops are starting to have live shrimp with more consistency of late and the trout have preferred them over minnows and croakers. The plastic bite has been slow so if you can bring the live stuff bring it. As June moves along double rigged Matrix will be the ticket if you’re fishing plastic. Stick to Shrimp Creole, Tiger Bait, and Avocado for your best chances to catch. If you’re fishing the live stuff stick with shrimp under a cork or Carolina rig.

The reds will continue to be roaming the shorelines of the lakes and in the grass deep in the duck ponds. 1/2oz gold spoons and spinnerbaits with a Sparticus Matrix Shad will be your best bet.

Capt. Travis Miller
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