LDWF attempts to control hog population

hog2014A few weeks ago, the LDWF announced that it would attempt to control the wild hog population in Louisiana by shooting hogs on WMA’s via helicopter. The plan was to shoot the hogs on the Pearl River WMA and leave them where they lay, to rot and waste. When questioned about this practice, LDWF said that the hogs could not be donated to food banks due to the disease potential.

The LDWF estimated they could bring down up to 300 hogs a day. I can agree, the hogs, which destroy wetland habitat and are virtually out of control need to be controlled in some way but, shooting them and leaving the carcass to rot is not the best way. Local hunters whom have voiced their opinion against the helicopter plan have been given the chance to control it their selves, but only through a limited time lottery hunt program. This experimental lottery style season will run from May 1 to Aug. 31, 2014, on the following WMAs:

Boeuf, Clear Creek, Jackson-Bienville, Manchac, Pearl River, Richard K. Yancey, Sherburne, Thistlethwaite and West Bay.

Pearl River WMA was targeted on Monday, March 10 and netted 21 hogs. Sherburne WMA was targeted on Friday, March 14 with 33 hogs taken. This was far short of the original 300 hog a day plan. The state spent $8,800 on the helicopter plus the cost of the crew for 2 days to do this. Sure does seem like the money could have been better spent somewhere else.

The state has put in plan, an extended hunting season. This is great but, an all year hunting plan, in my opinion, would be better. You will of course have the times during deer season that hog hunting should be controlled but, let Louisianans run loose on them the rest of the year.

I have set up a poll on the forum at the following link.


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