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The purpose of this harvest is to remove excess perch from the waters surrounding the Deffner Fishing Camp (AKA Da Camp) located on Scenic Bayou Segnette south of the budding Metropolis of Westwego, La. The ulterior motive behind this harvest is to provide family and friends an opportunity to share a bonding experience while fishing, eating, playing cards, drinking, watching adult entertainment, and just plain screwing off in general.

Harvest Rules & Regulations:

  1. The ensuing Rules and Regulations are the brainchild of yours truly. I am the Harvest Czar for lack of a better title. And since I have this elite title, only I can change, alter, add or delete these rules as I see fit and at my own discretion or whim.
  2. All areas are open to fishing if they can be reached from Da Camp without taking the boat out of the water.
  3. This is a blank rule for me to fill in if I think of another.
  4. Fishing periods are from safe light to 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM to dusk.
  5. All Harvest participants are expected to follow the accepted rules of comportment and exhibit true sportsmanship during the course of the Harvest.
  6. Alcoholic beverages are allowed (and encouraged) within reason and as long as the indulger does not break the above mentioned accepted rules of comportment and sportsmanship. (This applies only during fishing hours. After hours you can get as tore up as you want).
  7. All types of fresh water fish are eligible to be removed from the water but only the following species are allowed to be counted in the Daily Creel Limits:
    1. Blue Gill Perch.
    2. Stump Jumpers. (AKA Pumpkin seeds by some folk).
    3. Lake Runners. (AKA shell crackers, Red Ears, Chinquepin).
    4. Black and White Crappie. (AKA Sac-A-Lait).
    5. Black Bass. (AKA Green Trout).
    6. Goggle Eyed Perch. (AKA Warmouths).
    7. Yellow Catfish. (AKA Mud cats).
    8. Blue Catfish. (AKA Freshwater Cat).
  1. Natural bait, alive or dead, is the only approved and accepted bait for catching fish in the Harvest. Anyone caught using artificial lures and/or other unapproved fish catching methods will be dealt with severely. (see penalties)
  2. All fishing will be done using an approved fishing pole. This includes all manufactured poles available to the public and the highly reliable cane pole.
  3. The preferred method of rigging a pole for fishing in the Harvest is a
    combination of hook; bobber and a lead spit shot. But here the individual has some leeway as to rig out their approved pole as they so choose.
  4. All fish caught will be included in the Creel count. Boated fish must go into the count unless by some chance it gets free and gets back to the safety of the water. (see penalties for clumsiness)
  5. Each day there will be a Big 5 Contest for the Harvest Participants to enter if they so desire. The contest is voluntary and those wishing to enter must make their participation known by signing in on the daily Big 5 entrants form. Rules for the Big 5 are:
    1. The five species that must be caught are as follows:

1. Blue Gill Perch.

2.Red Eared Perch.

3.Goggle Eye Perch.


5.Black Bass.

    1. All fish must be caught using the approved method of fishing with live/dead bait.
    2. All fish must be of legal size limit. (if there is a size limit).
    3. All fish must be caught in the same manner of fishing. (If you need a catfish for your fifth you can’t start bottom fishing sans cork).
    4. All 5 fish species must be caught on the same day within the regularly scheduled fishing hours.
    5. Another Harvest Participant must witness all fish caught. (No fair going it alone).
    6. An entrance fee of $20.00, payable prior to the morning fishing trip, is required to gain entrance to the Big 5 Contest.
    7. All claims to the prize money are based on the honor system. A man and his partner in the boat are the only people who know whether or not the claim is justified.
  1. Yours truly, the Harvest Czar, will decide all disputes. My word is law and all decisions are final. But if the right amount of green appears in my pocket at just the right moment my judgment..(you fill in the blank).
  2. The main rule and it should be the first rule instead of the last is WE WANNA HAVE FUN!!!!!!

 Da Camp Rules:

  1. All Harvest Participants are welcome to use Da Camp.
  1. Beds are on a first-come first-serve basis. Da Camp can sleep 11 people quite comfortably, more than that somebody’s sleeping on the floor. (Except of me I always got a bed).
  2. Da Camp has 3 meal periods, Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper. Snacks are available 24/7. If you want something more than a snack then you can fix it yourself. (This also means you cleanup after yourself).
  3. All Harvest participants are expected to pitch-in and help with the dishwashing, kitchen clean up and cooking as needed.
  4. When you got to Da Camp the beds were made and the rooms more or less tidy. When you leave it should be the same.
  5. There will be a Friendly poker game every night if there are people who want to play. (See Poker Game Rules). The game will start after supper and the last hand will be midnight or earlier.
  6. Da Camp is equipped with Satellite TV with many choices of what to watch but Participants are welcome to bring their favorite movies for the folks to watch if they desire to do so. Adult flicks are preferred and no chick-flicks.
  7. There is no fee for staying at Da Camp but all donations to help defray expenses such as electricity costs are greatly appreciated.

Harvest Penalties:

1.If a participant is caught using an unapproved artificial bait he/she/shim will have all fish on board their boat confiscated and parceled out to the other participating boats.

2. In a follow-up to rule #1, anyone caught using artificial bait will have to wear sign around their neck the rest of the day proclaiming they were stupid enough to get caught using an artificial bait when simple slight of hand could have saved their sorry ass.

3.In another follow-up to rule #1, if the offender is a participant in the Big 5 Contest they will loose their entry fee and will be barred from the rest of the contests.

4.While there is no rule for clumsiness anyone allowing fish to escape back into the water will be open to abuse by the Harvest Czar and anyone else who would like to poke fun at the clumsy one.

Poker Rules:

1.Poker games will be every night as long as enough people are willing to play. Players will decide the maximum and minimum  number of folks needed to play.

2.  It is strictly dealers choice.

3.  Dealer antes for everyone.

4.  The Ante will be 25 cents per player.

5.  25 cent max on bets and raises.

6.  Max of 3 raises per round.

7.  The last hand will be over by midnight or earlier.

All of the above rules can be thrown out of Da Camp if by a unanimous vote should the players decide to change the rules of the games.


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