Perch Harvest 2012

14th Annual Deffner Perch Harvest

2012 Perch Harvest

May 1 – May 8, 2012

 Harvest Stats:

Fishermen 7
Days fished 7
Total fish harvested 706


Another successful Bayou Segnette Perch Harvest is in the Record Books. This harvest, for those who keep track of such things, was number 14. We had 7 participants this year. The weather cooperated for the most part and the brief showers we did have, didn’t impact on the fishing very much.

The body count total was 706 fish landed. There are rumors of a lot of  “oops it slipped” fish that missed the creels but as yet remain unconfirmed.

Looking back over the records in recent years it was just barely below the last 3 year average of 721per harvest. But, I think that is skewed to the high side. I will have to do a bit more digging to figure out the Long Term Average (LTA). The Largest Fish Total Record was in 2009 with 923 fish landed.

This as well as future harvests will be continue to be impacted by the lack of access to canals in and around the National Park. This is due to Water Lillies blocking in the canals and the shallower canals being overgrown with grass too thick to penetrate with outboard motors. And the filling in of  some canals that were very productive in years past also had a negative impact.

While too much grass in the canals was a problem, the lack of grass in Lake Cataoutche was also a detriment. Favorite areas such as the Tank Pond, Couba Island, and Whiskey Cut drew blanks.

But Old Favorites like the Sunken Boat, Millaudon Canal, and the Gulf Canal area still are producing acceptable catches.

As usual, we feasted well and often on the usual camp fare. Thank goodness no formal menu was issued because it changed by the hour it seemed. If anyone went home hungry it was their own fault. Meatloaf, Budda beans and boiled crabs were the headliners, David’s Meatballs and my Sauce Piquante’ stayed in the freezer for another day. If no opportunity presents itself here down south they may well wind-up on the table at the hunting camp.

As a bonus to the fish harvested we did pretty well on the crabs also. As the placement of the traps in a secret location is known only to a chosen few, we can say they produced over 20 dozen crabs in the 6 days they were in the water. This is a record for the perch harvest also.

There was also an Insurrection Incident late in the Harvest. A participant (WE) actually had the balls to challenge the authority of the Harvest Czar! Without going too deep into the details, ( which have been forgotten anyway), it was quickly put down and the participant was put back in his place…. as a peon serving the Czar at his discretion. So much for democracy on the bayou….

I personally had another happy event occur during the Harvest. I became a Grandpa for the 6th time as my youngest (EJ) welcomed his daughter into the world. Born at 7:50AM on May 4th 2012. She came in at 7lbs. 5 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Daddy, mother (Delores) and daughter are all doing fine and home from the hospital.

So Until Next Year I Remain,
Very Truly Yours,

Clarence D.
Perch Harvest Czar

This years photos can be found by clicking here

The Harvesters

Clarence D. AKA “Mr. C” or “The Harvest Master”

Also known as “Harvest Czar”

David D. AKA “Double D”

Bobby D.

Robert L. AKA “Scoop” or “Warden”

Jimmy L.

Tommy R.

Mervin G. AKA “The Westwego Man”

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