Perch Harvest 2013

15th Annual Deffner Perch Harvest

2013 Perch Harvest

May 6 – May 11, 2013

2013 Stats:

Fishermen 4
Days fished 4
Total fish harvested 224

Hello Friends and Relatives,

Well another Perch Harvest on Beautiful Bayou Segnette as become part of Da’ Camp’s History. Sadly this year’s harvest was very disappointing as far as numbers went.

Due to various reason beyond anyone’s control participation was reduced, the number of fish caught was embarrassing, and the crab traps were a wasteland. Also the Harvest was cut short due to family commitments and horrendous weather. On the other hand the food was magnificent as usual and camaraderie was just great as expected.

We only had 4 full days of fishing and here again full participation was severely limited. Total fish caught for the 4 days was 224. On the bright side, the fish caught were really nice sized with very few “Body Count” fish in the creels. Without a doubt this was the least productive Harvest we have had since its’ inception back before the turn of the century. I have no idea what went wrong and why the fish were turned off, we had manageable winds and clean water for the most part. The weather was a bit cooler than normal for this time of year but we have fished in cooler weather before and were successful. Water levels were good so I am at a loss. Chalk it up to a bad year and move on.

Whatever was affecting the fish did in the crabs too. We put my traps in the same places where we wore them out last year and drew a blank. Two days soak in the water provided less than a dozen crabs in 20 traps, and of those crabs only 1 was bigger than 5″ point to point. Everything else was “gumbo crabs”. We were prevented from picking the traps up on Friday before we threw in the towel because of the Severe thunderstorms moving through the area.

There is still no grass in the lake and I think that has impacted the fishing in the area in general. The wildlife and Fisheries folks seem to think that keeping the Diversion open for so long during the oil spill dumped huge amounts of silt in the lake and smothered out the grass. So it may just take a while to come back. We will see what happens next year God willing and the water levels don’t rise too bad…

I took some pictures and will forward to Mervin in the near future..

So until next year .. I remain,

Mista “C” The Harvest Czar


Webmasters note: Due to this years poor fishing, I have decided not to reserve a spot in the photo gallery.

Westwego Man.




IMG_3185Above: Freeing Bobbys’ line from a mishap with the piling.

The Harvesters (Only 4 this year)

Clarence D. AKA “Mr. C” or “The Harvest Master”

Also known as “Harvest Czar”

David D. AKA “Double D”

Bobby D.

Mervin G. AKA “The Westwego Man”

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