Perch Harvest 2014

16th Annual Deffner Perch Harvest

2014 Perch Harvest

May 1 – May 8, 2014

2014 Stats:

Fishermen 4
Days fished N/A
Total fish harvested N/A


Not much can be said about this years Perch Harvest other than It was beyond BAD!!!! Worst year ever for fish caught. The weather was horrible with 20-30 mph wind, also dirty water, and no grass in the lake. We didn’t actually catch a fish for the first 2 ½ days. Severe algae blooms caused low oxygen levels in the canals and brought on big fish kills. Even the minnows were gasping at the surface of the water.



The Harvesters

Clarence D. AKA “Mr. C” or “The Harvest Master”

Also known as “Harvest Czar”

David D. AKA “Double D”

Bobby D.

Mervin G. AKA “The Westwego Man”

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