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Gated bayou

Gated bayou near the old Westwego Dump.

I am from Westwego, Louisiana. (just west of New Orleans.) In my early online appearance, I started a site called to voice my opinion because I feel the waters that I grew up fishing, as well as many other waters around the state, have been taken over by land owners who feel they can violate our rights to fish these waters by placing gates across them. Since then, I have ventured out a bit to cover more areas by going with a site that can cater to the entire portion of Southeast Louisiana if so desired. Since Louisiana is known as “The Bayou State”, I chose

My vision is a website for our local area, where sportsmen can come to exchange their fishing experiences. Although the original site was named after Bayou Segnette, (because it is the area that I grew up fishing) I invite anyone who fishes the Southeast portion of Louisiana to share their fishing stories, no matter where they were from.

The sites forum is perhaps the most important part of the site. This is where you can post your fishing reports and view reports from other sportsmen, and of course, sportswomen. Stop by and register today.


A little info on the gated canal issue:

Many years ago you could travel by boat just about anywhere and very seldom run into a blocked canal. Since the late 1990’s or so, that has been slowly changing. There are many canals that are no longer open to the public. I believe that if we don’t band together and ask our state senators and representatives to fight for our rights then eventually any canal that has land privately owned on both sides will be stolen away from us like the canals that we have already lost. That could mean the loss of access to hundreds of miles of canals and bayous.

This problem is occurring all over the state of Louisiana, as well as other states. There have been many cases where citizens had to fight battles in court. The gates not only violate our rights as recreational fishermen, they also affect the commercial fishing industry.

I ask that you take a short moment and E-mail our reps and ask them to fight for our rights. Keeping access to these waterways benefits everyone who fishes these waters as well as those who purchase seafood’s caught in these waters by commercial fishermen.

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